Consultation &
My name is Tim
Lorenson, I am the
owner of Masterworks

I offer the knowledge
and skill acquired from
over 90,000 hours of
repair, remodeling and
inspection experience.
  • We have been Making homes safer, more energy efficient and
    more beautiful, for more than 30 years.
  • Our services include home inspection, consulting, repair and
    small remodel projects.
  • We provide repair services from welding to granite work.
    Whatever is needed, we have the tools and expertise to take
    care of it.
  • We will be glad to supply references to all serious potential
Are you looking for the lowest Price?
We can't help you with that.
We can, However,  provide lower over all cost.

Whether you know it or not, anyone working on your home has
your life in their hands.

Hiring an unqualified person may result in fire,  structural failure
or electrocution.

Ignorance is not bliss.
Having work done by skilled professionals is.

We deal with the aftermath of ignorance on a daily basis and it is
not cheap or pretty.

Our initial price may be higher, however, the overall cost will be
lower due to quality, longevity, and your safety.

Cheap can very quickly become Very  expensive. $$$$

Feel free to call for a quote:  916-367-8016
Fewer problems

Many trades people do not understand how their work affects
the work of other trades...

We routinely see the work of one tradesman destroyed by the

Often, wood structural members are destroyed by an electrician
or plumber carelessly drilling or sawing through them.

A painter with good intentions may apply caulking in a way that
traps water behind siding or trim resulting in costly water
damage and mold issues.

Because we work with and understand the interrelation of all
trades, we are able to cause  building systems to work  together
in a holistic, synergistic manner.

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We come
Save money by
calling one
company and
avoid paying
service call
When a pickup just won't do
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