Consultation &
My name is Tim Lorenson, (I am the
one on the left)
The little guy is my grandson
I am the owner of Masterworks

I offer the knowledge
and skill acquired from over 90,000
hours of repair, remodeling and
inspection experience.
  • We have been Making homes safer, more energy efficient and
    more beautiful, for more than 40 years.
  • Our services include home inspection, consulting and repair.
  • We will be glad to supply references
My aim is not to offer the lowest price,  but the best value for
your money.

Spending more up front for superior material and skilled
workmanship will
always result in lower costs over time.
Not to mention greater safety and less frustration.

Feel free to call for a quote:  916-367-8016
Fewer problems

Many trades people do not understand how their work affects the work of other trades...

I routinely see the work of one tradesman destroyed by the next.

Often, wood structural members are destroyed by an electrician or plumber carelessly drilling or sawing through them.

A painter with good intentions may apply caulking in a way that traps water behind siding or trim resulting in costly water
damage and mold issues.

Because I work with and understand the interrelation of all trades, I am able to orchestrate  building systems to work  
together in a holistic, synergistic manner.
We come prepared!
Save money by calling one company
and avoid paying multiple service
call charges.
When a pickup just won't do
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