About Me

I am a 57 year old, father of 4, with 2 wonderful grandchildren (more on the way?)

I have been working in construction since I was 16.

I have also studied Electronic Engineering and Physics, which actually gives me a deeper insight into homes and their quirks.

My father was a school teacher, but loved to build, we constructed 2 cabins in Lake Tahoe, one when I was between the ages of 8 and ten, (my father graciously allowed me to install the fiberglass insulation).

The second in Alpine Meadows when I was in high-school.

I have been repairing homes for about 40 years, with an emphasis on correcting the causes of issues as opposed to just the symptoms.

I have been performing pre-purchase home inspections for about 15 years.

What I often found was that the sellers had been living in homes with significant safety issues and costly energy losses such as disconnected ducts.

Home inspections are cost effective purely in money saved, and when you add in the reduction in life safety issues such as fires and electrocution it becomes a “NO BRAINER” 

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