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Entry for January 6, 2008 How do you like YOUR ribs
If you don't like Your ribs, (the ones inside Your, (and your family's) chests), Barbecued, Test Your Smoke detector !!!

If your life is worth more to you than $15.00, get a smoke detector.

If your life is worth more than $35.00, get a carbon monoxide detector.

If your life is worth more than 99 cents, change the battery in your smoke or carbon monoxide detector!!!

The best detectors / alarms are interconnected, which means when one detects smoke, they all sound their alarms.

This feature provides much more time to take action because the smoke does not have to spread through the house to be detected, it is detected by alarms placed throughout the house.

We can help with these life saving devices if you do not have the technical knowhow to install them, or you don't like getting on ladders.

Give us a call at 916-367-8016 or 916-300-7364

2008-01-07 02:20:01 GMT
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