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Entry for August 10, 2007 Don't let mold mould your life
Did you know that you can do about $2000.00 worth of damage to your home with 50 cents worth of caulking?

Applying caulk in the wrong places can cause water to flow in directions it shouldn't.

With the price of mold remediation, a small leak can easily end in bills exceeding $20,000.00 (I have witnessed two such cases in the last 2 years)

If you have rentals and you don't want your tenants retiring at your experience through litigation, do yourself a favor and stay on top of things.

Common places to find mold are places that get wet but weren't intended to get wet.

  • Under kitchen and bathroom sinks.
  • At the floor and walls near bathtubs and showers.
  • Check walls and baseboards under windows for swelling and signs of mold.
  • Check around water heaters. (By the way, please do not store any flammable material around your gas water heater, sometimes these devices have flame "roll out" problems and can ignite material near them)
  • If things smell "musty" you probably have mold or other fungus somewhere.

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Thanks, Tim Lorenson

2007-08-11 03:57:10 GMT
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