About Our Business
I started business as a gardening service in 1977,  adding sprinkler
repair, pool cleaning and repair and full rental maintenance as I rose
through the ranks.

Over the years Masterworks Services evolved into a full service repair
business. We have maintained everything from half-plexs to six million
dollar homes.

Our repairs are accurate, aesthetically pleasing, long-lasting and

Ten years ago while repairing issues found by a home inspector in
preparation for a home's sale, I found several serious issues that the
home inspector had missed.

This discovery launched my path into field of home inspection.
Over the last decade, I have devoted my time to mastering my craft,
studying building science, attending industry seminars and practicing
the art of home inspection.

After performing many inspections, a disturbing theme started to
unfold. People were living in houses with serious, life-threatening
safety issues.   In addition to safety issues, I found other potentially
costly items such as leaks that were contributing to  structural failure
and disconnected heating ducts that were losing a large percent of the
home-owner's energy bill into the attic

I highly recommend having a home inspected on a
regular basis.
(If not by us, get someone to do it)

If you are short on funds and have gas appliances, have
your utility company check them

We offer mini-inspections to check common trouble

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Ground Fault
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Save lives.

If you don't have
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If you do have
them, test them

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About Us
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