Save Lives!
Carbon monoxide
and smoke
make sure that
you have them!

Test monthly.

Replace every ten
We offer a special home inspection which enables us to
guarantee that you will have no safety or structural issues for
the next 30 years.

The cost? About $15,000,000.00

We tear the house down and rebuild it with exotic materials to
NASA design standards.

Visual Inspections

If you don't have that much change, you can settle for a
standard "visual" home inspection.

In a "visual" home inspection we look, listen and smell.
This is the most common type of inspection performed by home

I can personally promise that neither I, nor any other home
inspector will find every defect in you home.

Our goal is to find the most serious defects, safety concerns
and issues that may add unforeseen costs to the home

With 30 years of repair experience, I have become quite attuned
to different home defects and can usually spot repairs that were
performed to conceal previous failures.

Exhaustive or Technical Inspection

We can perform an exhaustive inspection, which involves
specialists in HVAC, Plumbing Electrical, Structural engineering
and geological engineering. Prices for this service range from
$3.50 per square foot on up.  Even with this inspection, there is
no guarantee that everything would be discovered, because
most of the important systems in a home are concealed within
walls and under slabs.

The price of an inspection?

As they say, time is money.

We base our fees on several factors:

  • Square footage (larger home have more to look at)
  • Age of home (older homes usually have more issues to document)
  • Crawl space under home (adds an hour or more to the inspection)
  • Pool
  • Spa

Our average inspection  breakdown:

  • 1.5 hours travel
  • 2.5 hours + inspecting
  • 2.5 hours editing photos and writing the report
  • Time talking with client, after inspection support 1 hour
  • Total = 7.5 hours +

Current Pricing

  • The base inspection fee is $450.00 and covers homes to 1500
    square feet
  • After 1500 square feet, add 10 cents per square foot
  • The average crawl fee is $75.00
  • Pool inspections are $100.00
  • Spa $75.00
  • Pool with spa $150.00

We are not the lowest priced inspection service.

If your goal is to have the lowest priced home inspection, I. E. you would
like to put your life and the lives of you family in the hands of the lowest
bidder, Well... That's your decision.

Our price structure allows us to spend more time inspecting your home
and more time preparing  a meaningful report.

We do not produce on site reports

We don't like to rush the documentation process and we don't' want to
subject everyone  present at the inspection to a 3 hour wait.

We do believe we have a superior product and we offer after inspection
support if and when you have questions or issues with your new home.

Call for an appointment  916-367-8016